Traditional osteopathy in Barcelona

Malecot Osteopatia

Traditional Osteopathy by Marina and Nicolas Malécot

Marina and Nicolas Malécot practice a soft osteopathy, called tissue or biodynamic, "without cracking", which consists in listening to the tissues of the body, to understand their organization and especially what disturbs the proper functioning of the body.

Osteopathy is a global and total vision of Health. That's why, by working on the disturbing zones that may have adapted and generated pain, or not, the body can recover its balance sustainably , and thus its full function.

The practice

We set up our osteopathy practice in Barcelona in 2017, in the Eixample, not far from the plaza Universitat.

The office is a calm and quiet place where it is good to arrive a little before your appointment.

If necessary, the office can be accessed by a lift.
We have a children's play area, a baby bouncer and a changing table, as well as a breastfeeding area.
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Traditional Osteopathy

Training recognized by the French State in 6 years.
Faithful to the original philosophy of Osteopathy, without forceful manipulation.

A couple of practitioners

Male or female, you choose.

Osteopathy for animals

Osteopathic treatments for dogs and horses.

Baby and Mama friendly 

Changing table, nursing area, lift. Recommended by teta & teta.

Children's play area

A large play and reading area adapted for children from 3 months.

Water fountain and air conditioning

To quench your thirst.

We welcome you every day 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.only by appointment

Consultations open to all

We are trained forbaby supportIt is also used for the treatment of children, pregnant women, and for post-partum support.

We also see patients of all ages, athletes and seniors.

Nicolas Malécot osteopata en Barcelona con bebes
Tratamiento 4 manos en Barcelona

Practical information




Children and infants

60€ (up to 12 years old)

4-hands treatment



45€ (30 minutes)
Horses on request

Your consultation

Make an appointment

Appointments can be made by phone or WhatsApp.