Osteopathy for animals

We offer osteopathic treatment for dogs and horses.

Canine osteopathy

A canine osteopathy session lasts 30 minutes. 

The treatment is completely painless and very gentle. You will be surprised to see your pet enjoying this moment. Dogs perceive the releases in their bodies, they are mostly very affectionate to Marina and are very cooperative during the whole treatment.

Canine osteopathy is particularly useful in case of trauma (without severity, nor organic damage), shocks and falls, after surgery (in particular to work on the adhesion of scars), in parallel with a medicinal treatment (cancer, diabetes etc.), in preparation for a competitive sporting event, and in prevention and relief of postural compensations of arthrosis. It is also interesting to consult during a major stress for the animal (death, moving, arrival of a child etc..).

Osteopathy, in collaboration with an educator and/or a canine psychologist, is very useful in case of behavioral problems (aggressiveness, anxiety, etc.)

It is a good idea to bring along a blanket and a toy that your dog really likes. 


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Equine Osteopathy

Equine osteopathy is a natural medicine which has for principle (like human osteopathy) to diagnose and treat the difficulties of mobility, the non organic pathologies in the horse. Equine osteopathy aims to relieve pain and rebalance the horse's body through specific manipulations. It is an excellent complementary approach to veterinary medicine.

The horse is subjected to important constraints mainly linked to the equipment, as well as to its sometimes repetitive and intensive activity. The care of an osteopath is strongly recommended for his well-being and that of the rider.

Equine osteopathy is highly recommended:

For the sports follow-up of the horse, in particular when it encounters a locomotor difficulty, etc.
In case of mobility problems, especially in case of back pain or asymmetry.
For more general pathologies such as respiratory or digestive disorders.
After a fall or a trauma, to support the rehabilitation process after a sprain or a fracture and to promote healing.
After the birth of the foal and to help the mare in her recovery after foaling.
And finally in case of problem / change of stress behaviours

Marina moves for horses only in the province of barcelona or girone.

Prices on request.

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Canine Osteopathy


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Equine Osteopathy

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