Traditional osteopathy in Barcelona

4-hands treatments

We started practicing four hands osteopathy on our family and friends a few years ago, and slowly realized the therapeutic power of this treatment.

We continued to practice during our humanitarian trips, especially in India, and had wonderful results.

We have decided to offer this treatment to anyone who is interested.

A four hands session is done in the same way as a regular one. We take the time to listen to the body and we listen to it “tell us” where to treat.

The indications for treatment are the same as for a "classic" session, but it is recommended to have worked on the body beforehand. We think that it is a more subtle work, more "interiorized".

Marina y Nicolas osteopata en Barcelona
Tratamiento 4 manos
Tratamiento 4 manos en Barcelona

Benefits of a 4-hand treatment

A four hands treatment is the equivalent of two sessions in one. It is an often powerful session that allows you to go deeper, to go further into a problem or a recurring personal subject.

Two therapists, male and female, two visions, two approaches and two treatments that complement each other to accompany the patient in his process.

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Appointments can be made by phone or WhatsApp.

4-hands treatment


Consultation with 2 osteopaths.

Tratamiento 4 manos