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Osteopathy for babies

Osteopathy for Children

Osteopathy children's is a specialised branch of osteopathy that is exclusively dedicated to the treatment and care of the children and babies. This discipline understands that young bodies have specific needs and require a specific soft focusbut deeply cash. Marina and Nicolas offer a safe, calm and welcoming environment, ideal for addressing the unique health needs of the little ones. (So much so, that by the end of the sessions we see how the little ones don't want to leave the practice!)

Marina and Nicolas are highly trained in the most advanced osteopathic techniques for children and have a deep understanding of the stages of the child's development. child development. This combination of skills and expertise allows them to apply treatments that are both gentle and staffthus guaranteeing the welfare and the development optimal for your child. We understand that every child is unique, and therefore, each treatment is customised to meet your child's individual needs, whether it is to resolve specific problems o to improve their health and general welfare.

Osteopathy for babies
Marina is doing Osteopathy for Children
accompagnement des pleurs ostéopathie

Benefits of osteopathy for newborns, infants and children

Osteopathy offers a wide range of benefits for the babiesThe main purpose is to address the discomforts at the beginning of their lives. Such as infant colicthe refluxproblem of suction, torticollis and plagiocephaly, problem of dreametc ...

Osteopathy can provide a relief symptoms, improving the quality of life of the quality of life of our youngest patients.

Further on, osteopathy is effective in the reduction of muscular tensions y skeletalThis is especially important for children who are growing rapidly and whose bodies are constantly adapting to new skills. motor. By relieving these tensions, osteopathy not only improves the child's comfort and well-being, but also supports motor and postural development. This is crucial in ensuring a solid foundation for the child's future growth.

Another fundamental aspect of paediatric osteopathy is its ability to help with problems related to the child's dream and the behaviour.

These aspects are the expression of an imbalance in the system. nervous autonomous. To balance the system we use gentle techniques, knowing that the emotional aspect has an important impact. If there has been stress in the past, it leaves an imprint on the child's system that disturbs his or her balance and its system.

We care deeply about these issues because we know that a child's sleep disorders can have a profound impact on their development and in the welfare of the entire family. Osteopathy offers effective and profound techniques to calm and relax children, which can lead to a more restful sleep. Similarly, it can be of great help with certain problems of behaviourby reducing the tension body and improve the sensory regulation.

In short, paediatric osteopathy not only addresses specific problems, but also contributes to creating an solid base for healthy and harmonious growth and development at all stages of child development. Our holistic and caring approach ensures that each child receives the care and attention needed to flourish both physically and emotionally.

Questions about osteopathy for children

Absolutely, it is safe. Paediatric osteopaths are specially trained to work with children, using gentle techniques adapted to their developing bodies.

Yes, osteopathy can be effective in the treatment of sleep problems, helping to regulate a child's sleep patterns and promote a more restful night's sleep.

It is recommended in several cases, such as motor development problems, postural imbalances, minor trauma and respiratory problems.

The number of sessions varies according to the child and the condition being treated. Some children may experience improvement after only a few sessions, while others may need longer treatment.

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Osteopathy for children

Consultation with Marina or Nicolas
60€ (up to 12 years old)

When to use osteopathy for children?

Here are common situations in which it would be beneficial to take a child to an osteopathic session:

Sleep difficulties

Including frequent awakenings or insomnia children.

Delayed motor development

If the child shows delays in reaching developmental milestones such as crawling or walking.

Postural Imbalances

Such as mild scoliosis or gait problems.

Trauma and injuries

Osteopathy can help prepare a woman's body for childbirth by promoting pelvic alignment and flexibility.

Respiratory problems

Such as asthma or recurrent breathing difficulties.

Digestive problems

Such as colic, constipation or reflux.

Osteopathy for children plays a crucial role not only in the establishment of a healthy foundation at the beginning of life, but also in the continuous support to the development physical y emotional as children grow up. The practice is not limited to correcting postural imbalances and improving body function in childhood; it focuses on strengthening overall health, increasing resistance to injury and improving long-term posture. By addressing the specific needs at each stage of growth, paediatric osteopathy ensures that children not only develop with a healthy posture, but also with a healthy body. sound physical basisbut also acquire skills to manage stress and tensions. emotional.

The intervention early through children's osteopathy has benefits durable. It is not just a matter of physically adjusting the child's body, but of understanding and attending to the child's development of their skills motorits ability to learning and its general welfare. Osteopathy for children becomes an integral component of a healthy lifestyle, establishing correct movement patterns and encouraging better body awareness. The conscience and the alignment early are essential to prevent future problems and to ensure that children have the best possible opportunities for a healthy and happy development.

In addition, children's osteopathy not only focuses on the present, but also prepares children to better face the challenges of the future. adult life. By teaching them about the importance of a good position and care of the body from an early age, osteopathy establishes healthy habits that last for years to come all your life. This is especially important in a world where sedentary lifestyles and the use of technology can lead to posture and health problems from an early age.
For adolescents y adultsdiscover our osteopathy sessions.

children's osteopathy barcelona
children's osteopathy barcelona

When should I consult an osteopath for my baby?

  • Difficult birth or use of forceps: After a difficult delivery or when an instrument such as forceps was used during delivery.
  • Infant colic: If your baby experiences colic that does not improve over time and causes significant discomfort.

  • Severe gastro-oesophageal reflux: If your baby has severe gastro-oesophageal reflux, which can cause discomfort and feeding difficulties.
  • Chronic sleep problems: When you have difficulty sleeping on a regular basis and this affects your quality of life.

  • Plagiocephaly (asymmetries of the head or body) : If you notice that your baby's head is asymmetrically shaped or if there are asymmetries in the body, such as the position of the shoulders or hips.

  • Movement problems: When your baby has difficulty moving certain parts of the body or seems to have movement restrictions.

  • Constant discomfort or irritability: If your baby seems consistently uncomfortable or irritable, with no apparent cause.

  • Development concerns: Any concerns related to your baby's physical or emotional development, such as delays in motor development or difficulties in social interaction.

  • Changes in behaviour: If you notice significant changes in your baby's behaviour, such as excessive crying, fussiness or lack of interaction.

  • Trauma or fall: After any trauma or fall that may have affected your baby, even if there seems to be no obvious injury.

  • Crise de sprouts de croissance:if your baby cries excessively for no apparent reason

Remember that osteopathy for babies is a gentle, non-invasive practice that aims to improve their well-being and development. If you have any concerns or doubts about your baby's health, it is always advisable to consult a health professional, such as a doctor or paediatrician.

Osteopathy for babies is a safe and effective option to address a variety of concerns related to your child's health and well-being.

If you notice any of the above signs or simply want to make sure your baby is in the best of health, we encourage you to seek the help of an osteopath specialising in osteopathy for babies.

Early care and correction of imbalances can make a big difference to your baby's comfort and development.Don't hesitate to consult a trusted osteopath and give your baby the gift of optimal health with osteopathy for babies!

Consulta barcelona space for children

A space of well-being for all

At our osteopathic centre, we understand the importance of creating an welcoming and safe environment for babies and their parents. We pride ourselves on providing a specially designed environment designed to make you feel comfortable and safe while seeking osteopathic care for your baby. Here is a list of the equipment and amenities you will find at Malecot Osteopathy, designed to ensure your baby's comfort and well-being.

Evaluation area

 We have a dedicated space for the assessment and treatment of babies, equipped with an examination table designed for maximum comfort and safety.

Personalised treatment materials

We use soft and comfortable materials, such as pillows and cushions designed specifically for babies, to ensure gentle and effective treatment.

Calm and relaxing environment

Our cabinet is designed to create a calm and relaxing environment to help babies feel comfortable and reduce anxiety.

Specialised professionals

Our team of paediatric osteopaths are highly trained and experienced in treating babies, ensuring expert and safe care.

Personalised attention

 We value the importance of personalised care. We work closely with you and your baby to understand your individual needs and develop a tailored treatment plan.

Advice and guidance

 In addition to osteopathic treatments, we offer advice and guidance to parents on how to care for and support the health of their babies at home.

Commitment to security

We meet the highest standards of safety and hygiene to ensure a clean and safe environment for you and your baby.

Amenities for parents

 We also think of the parents and provide a comfortable space where they can wait while their baby receives treatment, including access to useful information about osteopathy for babies.

Our aim is to give you the peace of mind that your baby is in good hands and that the The environment in our cabinet is designed with your comfort and safety in mind.. We are always happy to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. At Malecot Osteopathy BarcelonaWe are committed to providing the best possible care for your baby.