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Nicolas Malécot, Osteopath in Barcelona

After 10 years of practice in Paris, Nicolas now lives in Barcelona with his wife Marina and their son. Nicolas practices a gentle osteopathy without cracks. After his studies, he trained a lot to deepen his practice, especially in biodynamic and tissue approach and in cranio sacral therapy.

Nicolas works a lot with infants, children, and teenagers. He gives conferences in Paris, Brussels, and now in Barcelona (in French) on the topic of supporting babies crying. our Facebook page).


Nicolas is a graduate of a 6 year full-time training program and has been a graduate of theCetohm School (ISO PARIS EST FRANCE) accredited by the French State.

Nicolas worked in the maternity department of the Noriets clinic (94400 Vitry sur Seine / Paris France) with newborns and young mothers for 4 years.

He has taken several post-graduate courses:

Two courses with Pierre Tricot : Tissue approach level 1 and Tissue approach level 2.

Training with Mr. Bel onbio-tissue approach level 1 and level 2.

Osteopathy for newborns (osteonat) and perinatal care with Mr. Brillant and Mr. Leboursier.

Osteopathy for babies (osteobaby) with Dany Heintz and Eric Simon level 1 and 2.

Biodynamics training with Bruno Josse (3 levels)

Training in Cranio-sacral work (levels 1-5) which is a deepening of the craniotomy-sacral therapy, with Hugh Milne

Nicolas has been practicing martial arts and meditation for almost 15 years now.

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Traditional osteopathy based on self-regulation

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