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Marina Malécot osteopath in Barcelona

Marina Malécot, Osteopath in Barcelona

After 10 years of practice in Paris, Marina now practices in Barcelona with her husband Nicolas since 2017. She practices a gentle osteopathy called Tissue and Biodynamic Osteopathy.

She is also trained in Chinese medicine and European herbal medicine. In addition, she is passionate about yoga and regularly gives lectures to simplify the learning of anatomy.

Marina is also trained in canine and equine osteopathy. She treats dogs in her practice and travels to equestrian centres and/or stables when her schedule permits.

Her osteopathic practice focuses on women's problems: perinatal problems (infertility, pregnancy and postpartum), as well as various hormonal and sexual disorders. 


Marina has completed a full time osteopathic training (6 years of study) in a school approved by the French state: the Higher Institute of Osteopathy (CETOHM ISO PARIS EST FRANCE).

She has also followed further training in care of pregnant and postpartum women with A. Morgan, DO* osteopath in the UK, as well as a training on newborn and child care with Mr. Eric Simon and Ms. Dany Heintz.

In addition, he has taken two training courses in Biological osteopathy with Mr François Bel, osteopath. Then two years of training in traditional Chinese medicine at the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (IMTC - Shanghai University).

Marina has also received training as a Cranio Sacral Visionary Work with Hugh Milne (7 levels), which is a deepening of the emotional craniosacral therapy.

Marina trained in Biodynamic Osteopathy with Mr Josse for 3 years.

Marina also practices canine osteopathy, and receives dogs at her office in Barcelona. 

Marina has trained in European herbal medicine and is still taking naturopathic courses to this day.

She has given courses in the popularization of anatomy to yoga teachers and students.

Marina Malécot

Traditional osteopathy is based on self-regulation

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