Traditional osteopathy in Barcelona

Is it dangerous to go to an osteopath?

Article on the dangers and benefits of osteopathy

Explore the safety and efficacy of osteopathy, a safe treatment alternative when practised correctly. Learn how it can complement other medical treatments to improve your health and wellbeing.

Differences between physiotherapy and osteopathy: a holistic approach

Differences between physiotherapy and osteopathy

Exploring the differences between physiotherapy and osteopathy is essential to understanding how each discipline uniquely approaches pain relief and improved body function. While physiotherapy focuses on rehabilitation and injury-specific treatment using advanced techniques and technologies, osteopathy offers a more holistic approach, addressing the interrelationships between all systems of the body to promote overall health. This article delves into their approaches, training, and techniques, and how they can complement each other to provide holistic treatment.

Understanding cervical osteoarthritis: causes, symptoms, disease progression and effective treatments

understanding cervical osteoarthritis

Cervical osteoarthritis, a form of degeneration of the neck joints, can cause significant pain and restriction of movement, affecting quality of life. In our latest article, we explore the underlying causes of this condition, the alarming symptoms and effective treatment and prevention strategies. Gain a better understanding of how physiotherapy, osteopathy and lifestyle changes can help control symptoms and improve mobility. In addition, we offer practical advice for those looking to relieve pain and improve their overall well-being related to cervical osteoarthritis.